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 How to make a music video guide

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How to make a music video guide Empty
PostSubject: How to make a music video guide   How to make a music video guide Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2008 3:22 am

Ok, many people are asking me how to make a music video so here is a guide.

What do i need to make a music video?

  • A song
  • A screen recorder
  • A Penguin
  • A video editing program

First thing you need to do is choosing a song. Be careful choosing it because if members don't like the song they will not watch the video, and also the speed or diffuculty of the video depends from the song.
How to get a song:Download limewire- you will be able to download songs for free.
I dont know the lyrics:Google search the title of the song- you will be taken to a lyrics site.

Then you must download a screen recorder so you can capture the screen. I use Camtasia studio.

Last thing, you need to get a video editing program. I suggest Sony vegas, U[/img]lead video studio or Power director. This is very important for your video, it will help you synchronize the lyrics and add video effects-transitions.

The basics-how to make a video

  • While making your video, you need to have open the club penguin tab, the recorder tab, the editing program tab, the video's folder tab and the lyrics tab.
  • Go on club penguin
  • Copy-paste the first line from the lyrics site
  • Open Camtasia, select an area and click "record":
    How to make a music video guide Htmavc1ih9
  • Make sure that the video is as long as that lyric lasts. Then ress "stop".
  • Save your first line video on a new folder you will create
  • Open the video editing program and drag the clip from the folder to the line you enter clips on the editing program.
  • Also add the song on the line after the video's line
  • You can now add effects to the clip.
    How to make a music video guide Htmacpmvp2xp9
    Above are Sony vegas's effects: Click on an effect category to view its effects.
  • Make sure that the lyric is synchronised with the song! If it's not, make it bigger or smaller.
  • Do the same thing with the next line. If you want, you can add transitions between two clips.
  • When the video is ready, view it from the begining so you can make sure everything is ok.
  • Save the video
  • Go on https://www.youtube.com ,login and click "Upload"
  • Fill in the fields and click "Upload"

Some Tips
For sony vegas: If you right click a clip and click "Video event pan/crop", you will be taken to a screen. Try playing with it, the rwsults will be amazing Wink
For all programs:Try adding more than one effect together, so you will make cool combinations.
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How to make a music video guide
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