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 Feed Your Puffle Anywhere!

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Teen penguin
Teen penguin

Number of posts : 77
Age : 24
Location : Greece,Rhodes
Penguin name : Hgimvfnu
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Registration date : 2008-11-08

PostSubject: Feed Your Puffle Anywhere!   Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:45 am

Feed Your Puffle Anywhere!
1. Go to your igloo
2. Click the door
3. While walking to door, click on your puffle
4. Go somewhere
5. Now, wherever you go, the puffle card will stay up
6. The puffle card will stay there until you feed it
NOTE: This does not work with walking it!

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Teen penguin
Teen penguin

Number of posts : 69
Age : 21
Location : USA
Penguin name : Bazoozal
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Registration date : 2009-06-08

PostSubject: Re: Feed Your Puffle Anywhere!   Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:00 am

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Feed Your Puffle Anywhere!
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