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 Cluubpenguin party

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Age : 17
Location : Cant tell Srry;)
Penguin name : G Force Gp
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Cluubpenguin party Empty
PostSubject: Cluubpenguin party   Cluubpenguin party Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 11:33 am

On July 10 i am going to have a party Tell ur friends who play cp or ur Family members too come to the party the party Will be on CP.The party will be at on G Force Gp's igloo on map Cluubpenguin party Icon_biggrin hope u can make it! Cluubpenguin party 108690 Cluubpenguin party 143478

The time will be 5:00 Pm if u cant make it i understand Cluubpenguin party Icon_cry Cluubpenguin party Icon_sad Cluubpenguin party 36427
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Cluubpenguin party
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