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 Forum is back & points, reputation, thanks button

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PostSubject: Forum is back & points, reputation, thanks button   Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:48 am

You get points by:
-Posting new threads ( -3 on basket up to +20 on guides)
-Posting repliew (-1 on basket up to +5 on General, Help and questions, bugs and cheats, guides, general, Please Report me For Swearing 10 and discussion)
-Making friends (+5)
-Being registered (+1 per day)
-Getting a positive reputation (+3)
-Getting a negative reputation (-1)
-Someone pushing your thanks button (+1 on basket up to +10 on guides)

To give all or some of your points to someone else private message an administrator
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Forum is back & points, reputation, thanks button
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